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Oh, great. Another impulse buyer. 😤


Buyer contacts me asking if I can clean up the lighting and the audio of her video. I ask her to send the video over so I can have a look at it (that way I can determine whether or not the video is salvageable). Instead of sending me the video, she places an order :woman_facepalming:t4: (Icing on the cake is she didn’t know how to get the video to me as it’s too large yet she’s given a list of instructions on how to use Google Drive in the order requirements…)

Great, so based on the fact that she can’t be bothered to read and the fact that she placed an order without us agreeing on a price, I can feel a cancellation coming on. This sucks because I already had a cancellation at the beginning of this month so my rate is at 95%. I was hoping to avoid this. Here’s hoping everything works out…


I hope everything works out for you.

I’m currently in a somewhat similar predicament. I had a seller place an order over 12 hours ago, and she/he hasn’t fulfilled the buyer requirements. I’ll in all likelihood have to initiate a cancellation.

My only saving grace there is that I’m a New Seller, and as such I’m not in danger of facing any demotions.


Ugh! I definitely feel your pain. Over the weekend, I wrote :pen: mini tutorials for different issues that have been an issue lately with orders. I understand that some people are not computer savvy - however explaining things over & over is draining. Saved it in a PDF, so that way it saves me :watch: time on having to explain. How to attach/download a file/audio and whatnot. Hopefully, you can somehow salvage this impulse order without ruining your stats. Let us know how everything goes. :slightly_smiling_face:


Sorry to hear that. I understand you as I faced same thing many times. Just leave back, take a deep breath and try not to get angry till there is an update for such cancellations. :slight_smile:


Haha, love your view. Perspective is everything! Then again, new sellers wanting to level up would want to maintain those stats needed for a level upgrade.

Regarding initiating a cancellation, before doing that, you can just follow up the buyer on the requirements, maybe she/he just forgot or something. :smiley:



Buyer finally sent the video and fortunately it’s something I can work with. Next step is getting her to accept an offer to cover the cost, as she purchased the wrong package (of course). Things are starting to look up. Fingers crossed!