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"Oh it's PERFECT! LOVE IT! But can you change it!?" Gotta hate those


So, I offer gigs for drawing pictures and translation, and most of the time the buyers will leave a

nice comment which really makes me happy.

They say stuff like thank you, it’s perfect, best $5 spent, can’t get any better, etc.

However. Every now and then, I get people who says "PERFECT! LOVE IT!"

and leave a positive rating, but then the next day say "But oh, can you change this?"

Most of them are really minor changes which can be done in 10 minutes or so,and I don’t mind it at all, but sometimes they keep asking for “multiple” minor changes which does pile up.

But, since those changes are minor, I don’t ask for an extra gig since I feel a bit guilty for asking.

In other cases I will send an image, buyer is happy, they tell me it is “perfect”, but then later on adds the comment saying “but hey, it would be kind of nice if you can add this and that” or “feel free to add this and that” , "the image you sent me is perfect…but if you add this and that, don’t you think it would be beyond perfect!"

They don’t really ask me to make those changes, it sounds more like a suggestion,but I can’t ignore them.

Um, didn’t you say it was “perfect”…?

I know, I know, I guess it’s something like when they first get it they are happy, but when they come back to it the next day they feel like some minor changes will make it even more better. I can understand that. I do.

But since some people tend to ask for “multiple” minor changes without placing an additional order, that sometimes bugs me. In most cases, I always offer minor changes for free until the buyer is happy, and in other cases buyers are willing to pay for an additional gig when asking for a change, even when the changes are so minor they didn’t have to order again!

I guess there really isn’t a clear line for a “minor” change and a “major” change, but it is disappointing when

people seem so happy, they tell you it’s perfect, then the next day they ask for a change. MANY times.

Kinda sucks. Worse cases are when they keep asking for changes, I finally nail it, they sound so happy, they say “Thank you thank you thank you, let me send you a tip after this!”…and they never do. OK, maybe I’m sounding cheap here???

OK, my ranting is done :smiley:

Back to drawing!!


I totally know what you mean. I always tell buyers to send me a message if they need anything changed, but if they like it, to leave “positive” feedback. If they need something minor changed, I have no problem doing it. I did have a few buyers who keep asking for changes. It gets frustrated when the changes are new and not mistakes of your own. The best thing to do is have some type of guide or rules. I send a pdf with every order that explains what I’m willing to do for free, what requires a gig purchase, and why they should order my gig extras. It allows me to cross my t’s and dot my i’s. :slight_smile:


Over-delivering like doing revisions is a good customer service, it gets you long term buyers. But if you do it every single time then it won’t be over-delivery anymore, it will eventually be the standard expectation of your buyers and they will ask for more.

My suggestion, keep it balanced, don’t just revise, try to convince them that the current one is perfect. Also do not deliver revisions too fast like in 10 minutes even if they can be done in that amount of time, you have priorities, just work on your piled up works first, buffer them, and deliver revisions within a day or few days when you have extra time. That will make your buyers more attentive to what they ask, making it easier to revise in one go rather than doing it multiple times.

Other thing I do is that I never deliver final result in one go, I sketch the graphic first instead, if they say perfect I can finalize it, if not I will revise. Revising on sketch stage saves a lot of time instead of revising final colored graphic.

And also, you can add this magic line to your gig description: "Revisions are for free if I misinterpret your brief or made mistake on the illustration."

Despite the rules and all I always fulfill any revision request my buyers asked if I have the time to do it. If I don’t, I will honestly explain why and how long will he/she need to wait. That will do the trick. :slight_smile:



Reply to @hellographic:

"Revisions are for free if I misinterpret your brief or made mistake on the illustration."

That is a good idea and is very clear, I will add that to my description. Thx!!


I can /completely/ empathise with you ._.


Reply to @zeus777: No Problem! All the best for your business.


I can /completely/ empathise with you ._.


Reply to @zeus777: No Problem! All the best for your business.