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OH, just one more thing, ma'am


When someone addresses you as “mam” here, do you also feel like 95 or so, or like the main female suspect in a remake of Inspector Colombo, which you didn’t sign up for?


A buyer from Australia called me “mate” recently. I read it in Steve Irwin’s voice. It was hilarious.


Yes, it’s more hilarious than anything, especially if it’s mate or Sir when you’re not but we don’t have a “Laughing Pot” and I didn’t want to add to all the “Don’t call buyers Sir, dear, etc.” Tips for Sellers threads, just felt like sharing and was curious to see if anyone else feels reminded of “Just one more thing, ma’am” when they get mam’ed.


I get called “Sir” a lot. If I bother to tell them I’m a woman, it gets changed to “dear.” I was once called “Dude bro,” which I found hilarious and highly unprofessional. In the end, I prefer my user name, but none of it really bothers me.


@miiila that does make me laugh a bit. I’m from Texas and when your young, if you didn’t respect those that are adults by answering Sir or Ma’am, you would get corrected pretty quick!! Especially if you live out in the country.
Unfortunately raising kids with good manners is dying away. Definitely Enjoyed your post! Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:


Good! :slight_smile:

Yeah, I know, such things are regional. The “Don’t call buyers …” threads usually have someone reasoning that in some cultures the “offending” word is being used and only being polite, then you have others reminding them that this is a global platform, so you should be … dunno … neutral? lol

I’m from a country where we even have 2 different sets of pronouns and corresponding verbs, grammar and all for your English speakers’ “you/your/yours” - and it can be hard to figure out which of the two sets to use even for native speakers (I don’t pity English speakers who are asked to choose one for their translation, that’s why I generously offer a “Don’t know, please choose for me” option too ;)). One person you use the “casual you” for might see it as a compliment, the next might see it as a deadly insult. :wink:

And these things, together with language as a whole, change and evolve all the time, to … make it more fun for us? :smiley: Well, for those of us who can laugh about it, at least, those who can’t laugh, probably have a hard time of it sometimes.

I love the Columbo series, by the way! … :thinking: They didn’t translate ma’am for the dubbed versions, no wonder, you can’t really.


In my small town, it seems like once you reach a certain age you get called “honey” in some of the retail stores. The first day I was called “honey” by one of the check out clerks I felt like I must be getting old.


The power of words. Interesting how the age of someone changes the way you’d address them. It sounds nice, at least, though, I could live with that.
I remember finding it very weird when teachers started using “formal language”, talking to us. It seemed so artificial, coming from the same people who used informal just a day ago.


I called someone ma’am for the first time in my life two days ago. Someone made a new account who had ordered years before and to show I wasn’t too happy being contacted by a former client from a new account I called her ma’am. It’s to show we are strictly about serious business.


Yes definitely. It makes me feel 95 (and oh so pretty).

I prefer it to being called Boomer which younger friends have decided is a good way to address me… I’m a millennial, 1981 was the cut-off point so I scraped in but my reasoning only makes them say it more.
So I tell them to get outta my yard and then mutter to myself while mowing my damn fine lawn.


ok boomer … :smile_cat:


Oh, as we had Columbo already, you might be too young for this one, Boomer, but …

A damn fine dog, that Boomer.