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Oh My Buyers.... Help

HI everyone. I need help and guidance from you guys. I had the same old problem. Buyers ordering without discussion, I go for cancellation and the cancellation% is on high speed decline.

As we all know about the new seller policy, this will effect the gig position, and yes I care about it a lot. Please don’t say anything non serious and don’t say anything off topic. We seriously need to think about this and find out a way to cope with it.

I have now mentioned at the top of my gig description to contact before ordering ( which was first at the end) but I know it won’t help either and Mutual cancellation will occur.

Can you guys help how can I cope with this problem? As i can not make video on each and every topic ordered to me ( there are some tricky scripts which are difficult to work on).

And guess what, there is already another dispute open in my notifications ( of course by me) so this rule is seriously going to affect me and my gig’s position which I don’t want.

If Fiverr dont change it, Then it must introduce a feature through which buyers are not allowed to place order directly. They can make it optional like those who dont want or like it, should turn it off.

We Need a solution for it.


When was the last time you experienced this ?

I am experiencing it from day one. This wasn’t a problem until the new rule
"Mutual cancellation will count from now on" with each order cancellation, the percent goes down by 3%.

I guess this new rule is affecting negatively

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Not a guess anymore. It actually DOES

I see you added this here:

Please Contact before order placement. Orders placed directly without discussion, if are not doable, Will be cancelled immediately.

I would place this at the very top, make sure to highlight it and leave a bigger space so it stands out!

In addition to that you might want to put up a PDF under gig images highlighting why it’s so important for buyers to contact you first.

The other thing you can try is raise your prices by $5 for each package, and offer a discount for buyers who contact you for a custom offer. You can then give them a small discount ;).

Just a view ideas. I am sure you will get other great suggestions. Good luck :).


Sounds Interesting. Thanksss

It’s easy for people to order without looking at the gig description from the packages on the right hand side. I know we don’t have much space in the package description but maybe a CONTACT ME in the description will help.

(Also, for info and more confusion, my completed rate is 87% but when I checked yesterday, my gigs are in the top 10 of the searches for their tags. Go figure.)

Yeah but the % is on decline. Before I created this thread, It was 94% and now its 92%. and for me mutual cancellation is something pretty normal because most of the time the scripts are really hard to work on. So this thing is definitely going to hurt us ( video makers) My another fellow here on fiverr has 70 orders cancelled ( she also makes videos) and for the same reason they are cancelled.

Mine is one the first page but if this keep going on, it wont be on even the 4th, I am sure about that.

If buyers order something that you don’t offer without contacting you first, sell them on a product you can offer.
For example, if a buyer orders your $5 gig but requests a longer video, tell him/her what you can offer for the price they paid. The buyer will either pay the extra for you to do the full project they requested, or they will accept whatever you can offer for the price they paid. Chances are, your cancellations will go down significantly.


What if they order something I cant do. Lets suppose a script of a plumbing service and I dont have any idea about this nor I have images related to it. Now what will i do except cancellation?

I cancel orders if people ask for more than the gig and won’t pay for it, that’s why mine’s at 87% but I’m still in the top 10 gigs on search so until I see some actual effect from the low completed rate it’s not worth getting an ulcer over.


Try to work around it.
Perhaps you don’t have images of toilets, but you have photos of kitchen sinks.
Explain to the buyer that you have a limited library and lay out what you can offer to them.
Ask them to provide a script if they order something that you don’t know much about.
I’m just throwing ideas out there, but I hope this guides you in the right direction and helps.

They had specific scenes for it. For example “Draw a two story house with basement, but no walls in the front , you can see the attic , the bed rooms, a bathroom, basement with a water heater, and a man standing next to the house. water leaking from a vanity in the bathroom down from second floor to the first”

In my opinion, a barrier in order placing helps me here and perhaps fiverr can make it optional to use just like the portfolio or promotion of gig.

In that case, explain to them that you can produce a video for their business, but you can’t match the specific scenes. Provide alternatives.
Explain to the buyer that their request is a $100+ project, if they want custom scenery.

For example, sometimes buyers come to me and provide Superbowl commercials as samples, saying that they want to copy the style. I explain to them that the sample they sent cost the company $50,000+ to produce, but I can create something similar with a different concept/on a smaller scale for just $500.


Feeling your pain and designing a full GORILLA mascot for $3.25

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I think you should only highlight the

:fireworks: :sparkler: PLEASE CONTACT BEFORE ORDERING :tada: :confetti_ball:

Also, DJ has icons around his gig page - which is an attention grabber. If you are allowed to put some sort of emoji like stars or firecrackers - people would definitely see it.




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First open a “Incognito Browser”
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Because your gig is not even on the first page:


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