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Oh My Client !___

Some Clients are like
"I don’t know what I want yet, but it isn’t that."


“Sorry my invoice is late… can I have a discount IF I pay?”

“Love the design, it’s perfect, but can you change it?”

"No pressure, but I need it ASAP

“I don’t know what I want yet, but it isn’t that.”


Oh, you gotta love them.

I had one where he said “WOW!!That’s PERFECT!! Now, if you could be a sweetheart and
add juuuust a little change here, and little extra thing there…”

Um…do you know what the word “perfect” means?

The worse ones were "blah blah it’s perfect and I love it, but wouldn’t YOU think it would be even MORE better if you add this and this and this?"
or “blah blah it’s perfect, but FEEL FREE to add this and this to make it better.”

I stopped taking orders from this buyer after a while. It got too annoying for me…


Got one like that today.

Sometimes I wonder how they function in the offline world.

“do you want a latte or cappuccino?”
“I may want pumpkin spice, but ice tea is fine too. I’ll sit there, no pressure.”

5 minutes later :

“Are my Chicken Mc Nuggets ready?”

Barista :


Wow, I never thought I’d see Berserk here at the forum…


I once had a customer who had to consult with her pendulum to see if she should make the purchase. I never heard from her again. I suspect that her pendulum saved me a headache!


Urgh I had this one customer that said my work was unprofessional and didn’t like it every time I would give him another option. So I eventually just said sorry I can’t do this for you.

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perhaps…make more rigid requirements?

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One time a client went mental at me because I used the deeply unprofessional word “easy” in sales copy.

Because something being easy isn’t a benefit and you’re not a total blowhard. Anyways, I refunded him because it was a $5, 10-word gig and I couldn’t be arsed with his bs.

Easy man, you’re an idiot.

Oh, and he deemed me professional after I refunded him because I hadn’t wasted his time. I still think I should have got the hairdryer out on this asshat, but I didn’t as I had other more aggravating stuff going on and this guy was a shit cherry that I could just flick off.


Buyer : ‘Says any of the things in the OP’

(If it’s easy without much trouble.)
Me : Sure, Sending you the modified XYZ soon.

(If it’s not worth the money)
Me : Sure, but this is not possible to do on the current budget. Can we increase the budget by $x for that.



You should stop spamming. It will only drive potential buyers away.
Make sure you read everything in this website, all the answers to becoming a sucessful seller is here.

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I deal with these dimwits every day. I win every day. Fiverr made it easier with their feedback change. Let the dimwits dig their own grave as you are in control of a conversation that can be public if required. The ultimate goal is, should it come to this, to make them look like a moron. An “unsatisfied” buyer usually has a script and the imagination of a dead spider, so.

@nnoyon you won’t, give up.


You should think serious about creating a gig for that Imgur stuff. You are very good at this. :+1: and believe me, there would be countless orders on that gig.

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Thank you for what???

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Saying as if you created the thread.

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