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Oh my God now what i can do?

My best selling gig went on last end page before 2 months and now my all stats are green and meanwhile i completed many orders after this going down.I’m just wondering what i can do to get sales :sob: so anyone can review my gig? or just advice me what i can do now as i can see there are few buyer requests that i can see now and can’t apply for that’s also because these requests are often quite different to my skills and services :upside_down_face:
I live in place where people don’t like to spend even $5 to get freelance service so also i can’t share my gig in social media :roll_eyes:
So what i should do now ?:nauseated_face:

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You could always market and promote your services to the target customers who need the services that you offer. If you want more customers, you really do have to go out and find them, and then show them that you are the seller to solve their service needs.

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In my experience, I’ve noticed that the more I stay offline, the lower interaction I get, also whenever I get 2 or three 5 star reviews consecutively, my sales increase exponentially.

Another reason why you might not be seeing enough buyer requests might be that your gig tags are not as efficient as they should be.

Finally, with regards sharing your gig on social media, you can always use paid ads on social media to target certain demographic groups from varying locations. I hope this helps

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For instance, many of my customers are active on Instagram. I decided to focus much of my social media marketing to Instagram using fun and informative images with appropriate hashtags and it seems to be working. I get more engagement on Instagram than anywhere else. Plus I offer Instagram video versions so my targeting of Instagram increases my gig extras for the Instagram versions I sell. Win-Win! :slightly_smiling_face:


This has happened to me before. As per my opinion, I would recommend testing some changes in your GIG. For e.g. try to change something in the description, adjust your pricing, may change the image in the gallery. It has worked for me many times, so it might work for you.

Do understand that Fiverr changes their search and result algorithm. So, always keep an eye on your GIG stats and try to take necessary action when you see drop in impressions or clicks for a week or so.

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