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OH MY GOD! theives on fiverr


cant believe theives on fiverr… my gig is stolen by this guy [fragglesrock] and the gig is [fragglesrock]

but the real gig is mine cant beleive this guy will stole my gig og my GOD. and the other theif who stole the same gig is this guy [fragglesrock] and his gig is [fragglesrock|but the real gig is mine. i can beleive … and … are theives bcoz the stole my gig.

Sheriff’s note: please do not call out buyers or sellers on the forum. As you can see their details have now been removed. You can submit a ticket to customer support for them to investigate any plagiarism but can only discuss the issue in general terms here


i cant beleive*


Write Customer Support providing all the links: they will take appropriate actions.

Remember that (for privacy) you won’t be notified of actions taken on other users accounts.


Reply to @calderjon: yes your right


Reply to @bachas85: yes now they both had deleted their gig


Not a good situation BUT one of the reasons Fiverr ask you to promote your gig with a video that shows your face.

People will always try to copy you, here or anywhere. The trick is to stay true to yourself and ignore them. Their lack of originality will be their downfall.

Try not to stress over it.


Reply to @calderjon: Totally agree with you. Being plagiarized sucks but it’s no reason to lose your marbles, calderjon, that’s the spirit right there mate :slight_smile:


Then again, lets say I pay you to tell me about baseball. That does not mean I cannot charge people to teach them baseball. I have a new skill, that’s all.