💔💔 Oh my, Oh, my! Let me set the record straight! ☹☹


I spend a lot of time on the Forum and the only one who is a buyer only, so when someone reads this, they will automatically think, " Oh my gosh! Gina is a closet cheapskate."

I’ve come to realize people :heart: to jump to conclusion, so let me once again set the record STRAIGHT. @wuerz123 is not, not, not referring to me.

I’ve never messaged her. If I were to in the future, I would not negotiate.


Gina, I think you did not need to make such clarification :slight_smile:

Even if some people would think bad about you, or make up some accusations in their minds (I am talking about people in general, not specific people), you don´t have to worry.

NB: I think everybody here who knows you knows you are not that type of person/buyer. Those who know you don´t need your explanation. Those who don´t know you sometimes don´t believe you even after you explain something to them but they don´t count. :slight_smile:


No worries, I don’t need anybody to get susceptible on any of my posts.
I delete all of them in this thread so everybody can sleep peacefully :innocent:


Ha, ha.:slight_smile::slight_smile:

This wasn’t directed at you. There are many lurkers on the Forum who I was aiming at.


@gina_riley2 Why do you need such clarification? Of course we all know what type of buyer you are :heart: You don’t need to explain anything.

Also if she is referring to someone regular on forums, that doesn’t mean she is talking about Buyers. It could be the sellers as well. I am also a Crown Buyer. So who knows who that person is.

Btw I have never contacted her either for anything so please its not me as well. :smile:


No, not really…


Ha, ha.

I love that movie. Now I want to watch it. :laughing: