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Oh no...... I need help

Hello so I bought a website from a seller the site started to have problems right after I approved the final product now three days after the site is completely down say its been shut down for Malware talk to the seller he said my website is being moved to another server and my site would be up in a few hours now 16 hrs later still nothing I would like to report this person or something I’m working on a budget and he just messed me up paid for traffic to go there ugh help please
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Can you share your link with us. don’t judge as soon. Please Share you link here. and your website need to transfer from one server to another?

Mod Note: Please don’t ask other users to break the forum rules or discuss personal business issues on the public forum.

I am afraid that is not allowed on the forum.

@jasminehalton Please contact customer support for assistance regarding the order.

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This is bad. I think you should contact Fiverr support to help you out