Oh no in the redzone


I joined fivver few years ago. I worked part time For personal reasons I left gor a bit. When I came back in February it is slow going but making a start. That is until my app nor email let me know I had two messages. It was ling time before I saw them. I did reply but the destroyed my response rate like really bad down to 50% .

Should I be worried? I have gotten 2 gigs with the low rate but wonder how many I am losing becuase of it? I thought of starting over but I wpuld lose my leavel 1 almost level 2 status. I am so stressed now.

Any advice? I really will appreciate it.


Well you can try explaining that to your buyers so they might rethink about their decision and order again, leaving a positive review. Secondly promote your gig seriously everywhere and be active. Just download the fiverr app and leave it open. You’ll get a notification every time you get a message or order. You can also use IFTTT (If This Then That) to create a recipe to send you an email every time you get a notification on fiverr. If you are really serious about coming back then you should follow these tips without drowning your status.


Thank you. I got the app and now have linked my email as well. I reply promptly when I get a message. Thank tou for the tips.


I keep the app on me for when I’m on the go, but I find it sometimes misses messages entirely. I always log on everyday and the first thing I do is check my messages before working on orders.


P.S. Also, being active on Fiverr daily (sending requests, responding to messages) can help your ranking.


I think that if you send Buyer Requests then the replies that go into your inbox will give you the chance to reply quickly and repair the damaged rating. As sydneymorgan says, if you remain active then you can start to build a reputation that helps you.

Please don’t stress over it.


Thank you. I will stay active. I really want to get rhings back to nromal


Do you mean send request or reply to them? I mean reply to buyers request.


Thnk you for all of your advise. It is hard not to stress over it. The
rsting feels like a death sentence. I am going to try everything suggested.