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\"Oh no! We are having a problem processing this order.\"


What gives? I absolutely hate paypal as 50% of the time I try purchasing through it something comes up. This time it’s the message appearing on Fiverr upon leaving the Paypal transaction page. What is going on? Why not allow credit card payments?


Also, your support pages state that a user is capable of paying through Paypal, credit card, or bitcoin. When I checkout, I only see options for Paypal and Bitcoin? Why the inconsistency? Maybe the support pages requires an update/revision?


As far as I know (and I’m just a volunteer forum admin) the support pages are correct. What may not be apparent is that to use a credit card, you don’t have to have a PayPal account but you do have to use the PayPal processing system at least. You can log out of PayPal and then use a guest login to pay with a credit card and not use your actual PayPal account. If that’s not right anymore, you’d have to ask Customer Support, but the last time I tried it the guest login did work.