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Oh the irony! :D


All the new comers expect to see their gig on the first page since the got some reviews within few days! How fair is that :smiley: I mean first page :smiley: , guys…there are lot of people here who try to bring best within, Even I’m also a newbie here, I think it takes time, Just have to be patience. If you are expecting to see your gig in the first page, what about the top rated sellers and other level of sellers who do their work at their best, to bring the gig up above. So my perspective is we have to wait and see. And also there is lot going on about search algorithm i think. So how can we be in the first page :smiley:


Finally! A user who understand the point. :innocent:


I think every one understand it! But the selfishness has taken them in to custody! :wink:


I think not. Some people just don´t get it. :slight_smile:


yeah! Indeed! They just think this is something like a reality show, they think that they just can get Featured or Top rated or on first page just in one night :smiley:


Yeah… there are no shortcut to success. You have to take the stairs. :innocent: :relaxed:


Hell yeah @iamsachmusic


They DO! On the first rows in various categories are shown newcomers in the most prominent positions.

Some older sellers with 100% reviews have their gigs hidden away, sellers who have proven themselves for years.

I’m not sure if this is deliberate or not. Of course it’s not all new sellers but some have hit the jackpot in the places their gigs show. Too bad they are not chosen by buyers more.

I have had a hard time finding proven great sellers with hundreds or thousands of reviews and have had to hunt through the pages of new sellers to find them.


Oh maaaan! Seriously! That’s unacceptable! :confused: do you have any idea what’s going on here? :confused: I heard news about the algorithm thing. But didn’t even had a clue about something like this.


I have no idea why it’s like this.


hmmm…hope this well end soon enough :confused:


:smiley:well said! But how can desperation and worst financial circumstances be
removed ?


haha :smiley: My situation right now :stuck_out_tongue: