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Oh these cancellations!

I received an order from the client who just placed an order without bothering to read the description or the faqs of my forum posting gig. He did not read the description and FAQS properly that my gig was for forum posting comments. Firstly, he did not submit the buyer requirement and after about 24 hour when he did after my couple of reminders, it was not for forum posting but some newly launched. ae website which would take ages to load with very confusing and messy interface. I still tried to do the job to avoid cancellations but he took very long to respond to my queries I was having regarding the order.

However, I started working, posting comments on the features he wanted but I was not able to see my comments on his site even after 2 days of posting them.

When asked, he rudely replied that I need to keep patience as they go through some validation before they go live. How could I have continue working like this when I cant even keep the record of the no of posts I have done ? How could I have worked in this scenario if my each post takes such a long time to appear on his site ? When I requested the buyer, rather than understanding the issue, he initiated the cancellation even when I already have done 75% of my postings. As if that was not enough, he gave the reason “seller cant do this job” I did not want the order to be cancelled with this reason as being new, I thought this will affect my reputation in one way or the other. So I requested him to close the dispute and modify the reason because it was not my fault. Somehow, he agreed after my humble requests.

After he closed the dispute, I tried to send the cancellation request but as I am new some glitch happened and instead the resolution offer was sent and he agreed. I cancelled it and sent the mutual cancellation again but by then the buyer was offline and did not get online even after 2 days. This order being tagged as “dispute” in red letters kept bugging me and hence I sent a request to fiverr customer support about the issue. They cancelled it immediately from their end being very prompt in their service. I felt very happy and relieved but when I asked them if this cancellation would affect my ratings or badge in anyway, they said it wont but as the buyer has not agreed for the mutual cancellation, this will affect my cancellation rate. I was so disheartened to hear this because I had to go all this pain just because the buyer did not bother to read the description or faqs properly but he certainly wanted a mutual cancellation too.

So my question to all of you, should we agree to any reason the buyer gives with the mutual cancellation ? would it have affected me if I had agreed with the reason he gave for the cancellation? I have 100 percent positive reviews with full 5 star ratings and level 1 badge but I do have 5 mutual cancellations and this 1 cancellation affecting my cancellation rate in my kitty too just because they buyers did not bother to read the description properly. Would it affect my profile or my badge in anyway in the long run? I would really appreciate the help. Thank you.

Customer support told me two days ago that mutual cancellations do not affect anything.
He said they just changed the resolution page.

So I guess the resolution page lies.

Thats what I have also been told about mutual cancellations. My concern was regarding the last cancellation I had. Please read my entire question and you will know what I meant.

It would be better if shorter and broken into separated paragraphs. It’s too hard to read.

Sorry dear, I typed out the entire thing on my fone and did not realize the paragraph breaks were not applied properly. I copied the content from the compose message to fiverr. Sorry for the inconvenience. You can re read it if you wish. I hope the question looks sorted now.