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Oh yeah! That grabbed me

I’ve gotta give credit where credit is due.

The Fiverr email landing in my in-box today (Oct. 14) grabbed my eye balls - and wouldn’t let go.

Subject line: ‘Everything you need to create an eBook, plus $5!’

Next - into the body copy of the email and another bit of eye-ball grabbing…

The graphic had the simple line: ‘Get published. Get $5 free!’

Boom! - I couldn’t resist but to look down and see the great list of Top Gigs for Creating an eBook.

Not everyone is in the market for writing an e-book - but by crikey there’s a lot of us who are… me included.

Take it from me (I’m a copywriter) - assembling a good email takes work - and the Fiverr marketing team nailed it with this one.

In a time when we are all bombarded with more emails every day…

More emails in fact than pips in a pomegranate - it’s refreshing to see well designed messages hitting my in-box.

Thanks Fiverr! You’re welcome in my in-box any day.


P.S. In case you didn’t see the email - I’ve clicked a screen grab and uploaded it ;-

It’s average, in my opinion.

“Does your business need an eBook to help you educate your consumers. Or are you the next J.K Rowling? Whatever your intention, Fiverr is the best marketplace to get your eBook done and published. From writers, proofreaders, book cover designers and more, Fiverr can make it simple! Now, for 4 days only, you’ll get $5 back when you spend just $15 on any Gig”

I can guarantee you if I sent that to some of my more fastidious clients they would be up in arms about how poorly written it was. Such is life. Can this $5 be put back into your wallet or will it settle down comfortably, locked into Fiverr’s credit policies? So not really free at all.

It’s average. It’s also potentially damaging when some dimwit thinks they really can cobble together the next Harry Potter with a Frankenstein’s monster of cheap international labor (and $5 back!), while injecting certain sections of the eBook market with even more dross.

I hate it! And this is the ranting pot, so I’ve balanced it all out now :smiley: