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Ohh I need help. How to get first order?


Hello i’m newbie… How to get the first order?


In getting your first order,You have to promote your gig.
Be interactive on the forum and use buyers request.i’m sure you’ll get one.


You can find to the answer to this by reading the topics here on the forum.

YOU need to take responsibility for learning how Fiverr works. We are not going to give you a step-by-step manual, when all the information you need is already at your fingertips.

Read the Fiverr TOS. Read the Fiverr blog. Read the Fiverr forum. Read and be wise.

Fail to read these sources of information, and you are welcome to fail by your own merits.


First you need to learn how fiverr works by reading there TOS, also I will advice you keep visiting the buyer request page because the is actually where most of the new sellers got there first order


thanks for all his suggestions. I gave up and did not open my account a few months. now I’ll fix my page and study again.