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Ohh..... Level 1!


I reach level ine on 11 order in 3 month. But i just sell one gig in my account. 6 Gig in my acount didnt have any order yet


Hello @masudvi. Reaching Level 1(if you are sure that you fulfil all of the requierements) is pretty simple: go to Customer Support

Create a ticket of this kind(in the Feature Support category -> Levels)

“Hello, dear Fiverr Support Team!
I am writing this to you because I am pretty sure that I am fulfilling all of the conditions for being promoted to Level 1 Seller, but the promotion is still not happening. Maybe is a bug or something, and I want to ask you guys look for it, and help me. Please, I will really appreciate this.
Thanks a lot,

You will probably get your promotion if you worth it.

Hope this helps. I’ll be around for finding out the result.

Best regards,


Do you sold your first 11 order to 11 indivisual clients? or any one repeated?


Thanks a lot bro for your help OK I will do this


There’s also a restriction that you can’t have any infractions on your account.


Mine took 2 or 3 weeks to show up after I had met all the qualifications. I’m sure yours will show up soon.




You will get it soon, i guess it is the update on fiverr, otherwise once you get 10orders and you got100% reviews plus 30days old account you will get your level 1.


Just see my profile bro now I have 17 review respond rate is 1 hour , positive rating is 99℅, and I am active more then 2 months


Hello, try and contact fiverr support, they are in the best position to explain what is going on with your account.


you have to active 30 days after joining on Fiverr. I think you didn’t log in to fiverr
everyday for the first month after joining(signing up) on Fiverr. That’s why you are missing this. And from my experience i can say that it doesn’t any matter whether you got 10 reviews from 1 client or 10 different clients. you just need 10 feedback with a great ratings. And money pending actions also doesn’t make any impact on it. So the only cause of not getting this level may be- “you didn’t log in to fiverr everyday for the first month after joining(signing up) on Fiverr”


ha ha ha! funny guy! there is nothing to say nice


had you log in to fiverr everyday after joining?


Hi, sometimes takes a little more time…for me…took me like 2-3 months to get level 1…and now im in level 2, and took me like 1 month, just try to keep your Gig on demand, so it will be more easy to you to get the level 1.


i think it is right.


i can’t understand. Can you please explain this?


Hay Bro Thanks a lot. At last i got it.


At last i got it. Thanks all of my fiverr friend. Now i really so so happy. I can’t say anything now what is my fillings. Many Many thanks ivanalexx bro and all friend who give here comment and give me inspection.

Thanks All My Friend