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Ohh, when will get my first Order

It my Fourth Day and I have created 3 Gigs all the gigs are About Copywriting but No order.
About 79 Views, 10 and 5 views in all gigs respectively.
help me figure out. I will really thankful for your support


I had a look to your Gig and it seems that you are keen to shoot yourself in the foot multiple times.
Below a few examples.

First slide:

front page copwriting
“don’t waste money on wrong dell

Second slide:

“hire me now to withdrawal the offer”

“get elite plus content written”

Headline of the Standard package:

Typical Writing - Not a Good Deal

Your description:

I am working with iwriter website for about 1 Year and completed about 1670+ Project, So now you have great idea what type of writer am I.
I am working as Elite Plus Writer with this iwriter website,

And the list goes on. Who knows what Elite Plus Writer means.

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Are you really wondering?

Ok then, I guess it was the same “easy” for you as a graphic design? :wink:

Your main image background has watermarks on it indicating that it was downloaded from the internet without permission and a 2 huge typos.

On your pdf presentation just in a first paragraph I found 6 mistakes (and I’m not a native speaker) I wonder how many more other people will be able to find.
That’s obviously not a standard for a copywriter or a “high level” writer as you are calling yourself.
And @pacquo pointed out about other slides and description.

Your gig needs a looot of work and brush up.

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I saw your question and thought it was interesting. I have just joined fiverr today and am still figuring out what I am going to do, and I was reading the forums looking for insight when I got to your post. It prompted me to register so I could reply to your question.

I looked at your Gigs, and as mentioned by the other comments, you have many grammar and spelling mistakes, which makes me question your ability as a writer. Your text needs to be completely perfect and free of mistakes.

You also need to explain what “elite plus writer” is. I have never heard of it and it sounds like something you’ve made up. It does not sound like any kind of official writing qualification I have ever heard of, also your sample document “5 level of writer” is riddled with mistakes.

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Hey You know you all guys really helped me a lot, Figure out the actual problem. Thanks a lot

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Hey You know you all guys really helped me a lot, To figure out problem and skill that I am lacking.

Thanks for finding Mistake @mariashtelle1

Congrats for joining us!

Here are some tips I recommend: