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Ohhh boy, finally done!


Not done with Fiverr or anything negative like that, I just finished a gig I was working on and boy did it take long.

It wasn’t supposed to take this long, it was an illustration and nothing complex…
but for some reason the hair didn’t look right. The eyes seemed off. I didn’t like the pose.
I kept redrawing and redrawing and redrawing and blah blah blah.

I guess stuff like this happens to everyone- even the most experienced people - from time to time. In the end I think it turned out fine, I’m glad it’s done.
If the buyer is happy, I’m happy too. I’m just hoping the buyer will like it, mark it complete, and shower me with compliments, hahaha.


Very nice, keep it that way! :smile:


We’ve all been there.

It happens.


very nice::grinning::wink:


update: The buyer asked for some modifications.
Dang, I hope I can finish everything tonight!!


Hard work pays off for sure! Good luck! :slight_smile:


update: I got 4.7 stars.
I was hoping to get a sparkling 5, but oh well, good enough.
I’m glad that it’s over, time to work on the next gig!


@zeus777 that’s good to hear. Hope your ratings weren’t affected


You sound like a perfectionist - that’s really refreshing to hear.