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Ohhhh, My God, Heart Breaking for me

I am very upset because i only cancel one order because my buyer is not cooperating with me.

Because of one order Orders Completed rate decrease 6% from 97 to 91.

I do not believe it.

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so sad …:disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:

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Come on, dont be so dramatic…
You have a whole month to make up for it.


I’m so sorry this happened to you. I hope you don’t get another one in the coming two months. Be careful.

Ohhhh, My God, Heart Breaking for me

Very nice use of dramatics btw. :+1:

I know how it feels to see that something has happened to lower your metrics that you had no control over, especially when you try so hard to be perfect.


Sorry. Don’t worry, just keep pushing on.

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Actually, it’s not possible that your completion rate drops with just 1 canceled order.

To demonstrate this:

Let’s say in the past 60 days you delivered in total 30 orders.
on top of that, you have 1 canceled order.
than your orders completed rate= 30/31=97% (rounded)
if you get one more canceled order on top of that: 30/32=94%

There is no scenario where 1 canceled order drops you 6 percentage points if you started out with 97%.

What could have happened though, is that on the same time that you got a canceled order, your total orders completed went down as well.

But to get to 91% you need to have (for instance) 20 finished orders and 2 canceled orders.

Not sure why I’m doing this, but I always try to understand how the metrics work. The idea behind it should be very simple, isn’t it?

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My completion rate goes up and down without getting more cancellations due to my number of orders going up and down. It’s complicated unless you do the math constantly.


How many total orders have you had in the last 60 days? It must have been very few.

If you have a small number of total orders, then one cancellation will have this kind of big effect.

It’s not that I don’t believe you, I’m with you :slight_smile: I always try to understand my metrics and try to do the maths when something weird like this is happening. Like @misscrystal said.

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Wait till you get a chargeback. This will seem like the “good old days.”



@misscrystal, that looks like something I’d post. Just got back from a nice fishing trip with Emma and Writer. LOL

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Damn, still gotta wait one more hour for more hearts not fair. :persevere:

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Feelin’ sad or suffering from a broken :broken_heart:? This thread will cheer you up.

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May be 25 orders only.