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Ok how come I can't create a gig without uploading an image? And why the limit min?


I want to upload an image, and it is of the required format, so why the min [ixel requirement and why is it so freaking large! Think you would make it easier for someone and Fiverr for that matter by accepting smaller images, and why even have a requirement to upload an image anyways? Stupid really, for one can not procede to place the gig unless they find somewhere a photo that will be allowed to be uploaded. Very frustrating and then I suppose you got some copyright moron running things who will claim MY image is somehow someone elses? When it really IS mine…


If you have Paint in your version of Microsoft you can quickly resize your image.


No worries friend… if you can give me the image now in this conversation… I could resize it to fiverr requirements…


the gig image has to fit inside the spot on the website on your gig page, if it is too small it will be pixelated and distorted. hope that makes sense


Cover Photo,

Images must be at 1100 x 260 pixels, JPEG, full frame side to side, maximum of 2MB.

  1. You must own the image
  2. No Ads are allowed
  3. No text is allowed on your image

    Gig Photos,

    Images must be 682 x 459 pixels, maximum of 2MB. Adding a video can increase your sales by over 200%.

    Gig Title,

    Gig title can be up to 80 characters. Make sure your title is short, clear and to the point.

    Gig Description,

    1200 characters (not words) to provide potential buyers a compelling description of your product or services. HTML formatting is acceptable. Be as descriptive as possible so buyers will know exactly what to expect. Be sure to classify your Gig with tags.

    Editing Gigs,

    Goto “My Gigs”, goto to Gig you want to edit, click the settings icon and select edit, make changes you want to your Gig content.