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OK, I admit, business is slow. But there is hope

I am usually booked for 30 days at a time, but till yesterday was only booked for 17-18 days. That’s the slowest it’s been for me since December 2016. But the beauty of Fiverr is that you get orders when you least expect it…so last night, I received a semi-big order of $100 plus and today the biggest order I’ve ever got. So just two orders, after a week of getting no orders have given me a to-do in four figures and I am now booked for 27-28 days. I was criticised for saying do your orders when you get them, do something else when you don’t get orders. But that’s really the truth. Stop worrying, don’t get too depressed when you don’t make money, or too excited when you make a lot of money. Be smart! Neither good times nor bad times last forever, one follows the other. Shake off the negativity and the dark thoughts, and please stop behaving like you are a victim or that the whole world is conspiring against you - I see that all the time with people in India, on TV news or in Twitter. Take charge of your life!


One Fiverr story that makes me smile is that of @ryangillam …he was raking in the moolah when he started here, then lost it all, lost his TRS status and suffered greatly for years, and now is back up and running again, with 50 to 100 orders in his queue. That’s the greatest Fiverr story in my opinion.


They should make a movie tbh.

I agree with what you said. Do something else during your ‘down time’. I marketed myself heavily elsewhere when Fiverr was not bringing in the cash.Now I always have clients to fall back on if one avenue seems to a bit Pete Tong.


I’d watch that movie!!
I’m not into “reality shows,” but if a reality show about Fiverr was made, I’d watch that too!

The movie would be called “Saving Writer Ryan” or “The Gillam Supremacy”.

“Saving Writer Ryan” could play on the theme of @writer99025’s other recent topic of A Soldiers Mentality and would probably star Matt Damon in an epic tale of redemption, brotherhood and low cost writing services.

“The Gillam Supremacy” would be more about how a guy got trained and built up to be a TRS writer before the program went rogue and he was thrown aside and had to face down his former bosses and overcome the obstacles being thrown in his way. Unfortunately, as there seems to be a never ending series of obstacles, there would likely be at least a trilogy made.

“The Ryan King” could also work.


Love positive spins on negative situations. While Fiverr has been an important part of my revenue recently, I definitely don’t have my eggs all in one basket just in case. I recommend every Fiverr user put their feelers out and find other avenues for income so it’s not as hard of a hit if and when Fiverr isn’t bringing in the money.

Either of those is good, but we need to have Ryan Reynolds play me.

Ill get my people to contact his people and to let Matt Damon down gently.


This doesn’t help me feed the kids, Writer!

What do I tell them as I go outside to clang the rusty dinner bell and they race inside only to have their hunger satisfied by whatever edible things I have found down the back of the sofa today?

It’s fine to be a positivist when you are Scrooge McDuck. Actually tasting poverty, though, is a little different to just vomiting platitudes when economic tides change.

Let’s put your positive thinking to the test. Give me all your money and let’s swap places for 3-6 months. No maids, no pigeons on treadmills in the West Wing. Just me, you, and the real grit of surviving.

Up for it?


Enough of this nonsense. Look dude, I don’t know what your problem is, you better stop this.

I think that you have misinterpreted my (friendly sarcasm) as an actual attack on you.

In this case, enough of your nonsense!

That said, I really do think that such a wealth swap story would be great from a Fiverr viral blog post/marketing angle. In this case, do excuse the Scrooge McDuck references but do also think about participating in what would essentially be a Fiverr version of a once-popular TV show called wife swap one day.

It would be very interesting.

@writer99025 chill dude @cyaxrex is just venting/messing around a bit. It’s all a harmless slightly weird conversation. Thank God for my return clients or I’d be outta orders too though :3

That was awesome…

too slow this month, …