Ok now I need to know - whats Fragglesrock?


After reading this term time and again here , all I know is the forum automatically changes some words to fragglesrock… but which words and why ? I am just curious to know.


Hey Jo.

Fragglesrock is something Moderators and Sherrif’s use to censor words.

It’s also a TV program from way back when I was a kid see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fraggle_Rock

Bye for now



Was there ever a discussion on how we all think they came up with the word fragglesrock to censor bad content. I mean do you all think that they sat around a table in Tel Avi somewhere had a hat and threw in suggestions and then drew for the winner


I was wondering what Fragglesrock meant, I’m new to the forum, and having that explained right away would have been nice.


Haha yeah I thought so too. I used to think it replaces a “particular word” but now it seems there are some set words/phrases it automatically replaces.

It would be nice to get a list :wink:


Reply to @madmoo:

madmoo said: They probably tried to think of a different word that started with f and ended with k!

FORK! lol


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