Ok seems like my impression has a slightly drop. I guess i did do some changes for days of delivered


Maybe my impression has small drop because my average delivery from 3 to 7 days is this can cause your gig impression?


Im not sure I am wondering the same as well because I have changed my delivery time as well.


It’s difficult to say. The Fiverr search ranking system rotates people in and out of the “front” page of results, and new sellers get a lot of forced impressions. I’m not sure how long the period of artificially boosted impressions lasts - maybe 2 weeks? 4 weeks? - but after a the cut-off period, Fiverr effectively cuts you loose and tells you to fend for yourself. If your impressions dropped, it could be because you’ve been kicked out of the nest, or it could just be because the Fiverr system has rotated you out of the spotlight for a little while. I don’t believe average delivery time is going to affect your impressions. It might affect your sales, but I don’t think it would lower your impressions. The best way to increase your impressions is to optimize your gig title, description, and keywords. The keywords are especially important because those are what make your gig turn up in search results.


Reply to @jamesbulls: hmmh yes it could be my gig title, keyword and description. I guess need brainstorming what fits the best for my gig :slight_smile:


btw i did do some changes in keyword maybe could cause this my impression are likely to drop