OK, So I got to Level 2 Yesterday and Decided to Treat Myself


There are so many cool gigs that have to do with graphic design and well, I can’t draw a straight line with a ruler. So I ordered a gig to make a portrait from my picture AND I’m going to get a simple video done as well. I actually got contacted by another Fiverr seller so that’s how the video came about. He was so happy to get a lead and I was happy to be contacted

Then I got a message from someone who wanted me to go off Fiverr for a project. I told him (nicely) that I’m not doing it. I like the accountability that exists here and I’m not going to do a project, then have him say, it stinks, and not pay me. I wanted to tell him that Elance would be a better place for his proposal but I restrained myself.

So, yay! I’m getting portrait-ed soon!


Hey, congrats :smiley: wish you good luck.


Thanks guys!

@Madmoo I didn’t hear back but knew I wouldn’t. Then I got a couple of big orders and have to suspend my gigs until Sunday evening. You’re right, I don’t need the drama as I have goals to accomplish.

So far, my video is nice for a first time; I just had a few edits. I still have a bit to go for the portrait but I’m excited…and a bit tired. Back to work I go.


Reply to @madmoo: Thanks for the reminder on the site mentions.