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OK so this is......weird

I know that things change all the time, but why did the forum change??
Was this necessary??
I mean it’s OK I guess, I’m not really complaining but I guess I just don’t see the point.
I would much rather see Fiverr coming up with a new system where it protects the
sellers from getting cheated :stuck_out_tongue:

A forum update has been planned for years. Many users come here before contacting support so it helps to have better pert assistance tools. The update was also announced up top a few days ago to give due notice. There is a video to explain some of the changes. Post if you don’t find it. I can’t easily link it yet since I’m on mobile and learning the interface, but I or someone can link the video later.

Updates are partly due to things that were really needed, like bulk delete for admins when an external spammer puts up 50 posts in 5 minutes. More important, there are major improvements to My Fiverr Gigs allowing sellers to truly promote here instead of just posting junk posts. What you see now is not complete. It takes quite awhile for all comments to import and all functions to work.

Ah OK, thank you. I’ll look for the video and check it out.
Bulk delete for the spam messages sounds like a great idea!!! :smiley:

Here is the video link-

I do hope the new forum works a bit better than the old one :slight_smile: Not a fan of the new layout but I’ll get used to it.

I guess we can’t follow posts or get updates on our created posts any more? That was one of the best features of the old forum. I wonder why they got rid of it.

yeah is good now

Their still working on implementing those features. In the meantime if you use chrome browser you can use page monitor extension to get notifications on topics you want to follow.

I have used chromes page monitor extensions for 2 days now, here are a couple of things to keep in mind.
• 1 when following a topic on fiverr forums any change on the page will trigger a notification, including changes in the right sidebar. To only get notifications when something changes in the post and comment areas, click options after you click monitor this page. In the options click custom mode, choose selector and type in #bbpress-forums
• 2 You will still be notified when a like is added to the topic, when an edit button disappears, when someone changes a profile picture etc.
Still it’s the best temp solution i know of.

Honestly, I am not a fan of the new look at all! I find it confusing and very unclear.
I liked the set up of the old one much better, since you were able to see so many posts immediately upon entering. With the new one everyting seems so enlarged and the scrolling up and down and clicking is very confusing. Some of the new features are wonderful and I just hope I will get used to eventually!

I use Firefox because Chrome doesn’t get along well with Windows 10. No such luck for me.

Firefox has similar extensions, the ones that seems closest to chrome’s page monitor is Distill Web Monitor