OK, so what's the weirdest/funnest message you got through the glitch?


Thankfully, I am receiving tons of tips and 5 stars reviews :slight_smile: :slight_smile: probably, I’ve been switched with a top rated seller!
What about you guys?


I’ve seen some shady things. I saw one guy had sent out a lot of spam.
I’ve seen my competitors messages from the same customers I have lol.


Lol! it seems like a lot of action is going there :slight_smile:


Lots of people are getting tipped :smiley:


I saw a few people doing very well with lots of 5 star reviews and orders.


Lisa Ordered Your Gig . I am a newbie at Fiverr ( just 2 days Old ) and I got my first Notification saying Someone Ordered my gig. I was so Pumped until I realised it was just a bug.


I saw someone send him/her phone number to another user, 5 star review and cancel an order and more.