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Ok, so you want to know how to get going on Fiverr and start making money?


Hey everyone,

I have made a little success on Fiverr, I have 100% rating and have made a few sales at 0 expense to myself.

SO, I keep coming on these forums, and I keep hearing people ask HOW DO I MAKE SALES ON FIVERR?

Wonder no more! I have create a gig specifically for this issue…

I totally get it that I am capitalizing here on a need within the forums but lets face it, It took me time to get these skills so why shouldn’t I make $4 bucks a pop! :slight_smile:

I also want to say that you WILL make your investment back if you follow my methods, that is the guarantee I make to you, some are common sense some will surprise you. IF you have no success after trying my methods, I will refund you no bother, but it wont come to that.

I would like to prove to you that my methods are worth investing in, so I am willing to offer out 3 review copies to Level 2 sellers who will give me an honest opinion, if you say they suck, then I will accept and take the honest feedback publicly on this thread.

So go order the gig if you are struggling, stop wasting your time and start earning.

And if you are a quick level 2 seller request a review copy.

Many thnaks,



Pulled!!! :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:


You know I was actually worried this is a bit close to the line, the methods are totally legit and pretty obvious, I think my doc should p


Oops, provide newbies with focus and profit, hope it does not get pulled!! :frowning:


We have 1 level 2 seller reviewing the doc as we speak!


you are correct, I will publish on the forums instead for free!