Ok,sooooo.... ( 20 characters)


This morning the response rate was 96%.
Now it’s down to 94 for some reason.

before St.Levels Day I wouldn’t have given a cat’s butt about it, but

Nooooow I’m starting to get worried.


I contacted CS and this is what I got:

Hi there,

It doesn’t mean that the response rate will be the same every day. Every day different 60 days are taken for calculation of response rate - today and 60 days back, and it changes the next day, the day after tomorrow and so on).

Depending on the balance of initial conversations with you handled within 24h VS initial conversations with you handled after more than 24h, this can change daily, even when all recent conversations are handled within 24h.

Call be dumb, I don’t really get it :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi there,

We don’t even know why is this happening, but you know what, here’s a fancy reply we were told to use in cases like yours, now shut up and leave us alone.



I think it works like this (even no idea actually lol)

In last 60 days you had 100 orders, 5 of them are cancelled. That is 95%

So tomorrow will be different last 60 days. And before 61 days you could have 10 orders completed and non cancelled

So new 60-days period now has 90 orders and 5 cancellation from them and that is 94.4%. That’s why it can come up or down each day.

But, that is only if I am right


My “Order Completion Rate” also dropped by 1%.


I think you are right. That makes sense!


Oh darn,I hate math…

But it does make sense though.
Sigh, I just need to let go of this,
I’m getting too paranoid with all the numbers!!!


Every day the previous 60 days count. The 60-day timeframe changes to the last 60 days from the present day.

Make sense? if you’re confident that you haven’t replied late to any message then hold CS accountable for it.


Also, :bug: . Never discount those buggers.
My rate had dropped for no reason, I asked CS, they told me names of people to whose messages I allegedly hadn’t replied to, only I had, and sent screenshots. Rate didn’t get reset, ticket got forwarded to the tech team weeks ago, it’s still open and my rate is stuck.

I always had 100% apart from when bugs hit.

I can’t take the rates seriously currently, and if I’ll lose my level because of bugs or buyers who order 3x the same gig because they didn’t see their first order got through on their end, I won’t take levels seriously anymore either.
Its numbers. Buggy numbers.


wow! :open_mouth: I have that bug too!!
I´m waiting for the CS :confused:


I wish there was just a bug spray I can fire at the screen and things will magically get better!
I finished 2 more orders but the completion rate is still at 93. I hope once the order is marked at completed by the buyer it will go up a bit more. In the meantime…like you said, I’ll try not to take levels that seriously either.

OK, :doughnut: time!