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OK to Put Gig On Hold and Create Second Gig?

Hi Everyone,

I have not gotten any jobs on my gig, but I have gotten some private clients (for mental health counseling) outside of Fiverr. :smiley:

My current gig is similar to my private practice work and I don’t want to add the gig work to my workload, if I got clients. Besides, the private work pays much more than my gig!

Right now, I might want to make a silly or more creative, fun gig. Nothing serious.

I might in the future, however, come back to the original gig. I don’t want to delete it, if at all possible. So, can we put one gig “on hold” while we create a new one? I know we are not supposed to have two (active) gigs going at once.

Thank you in advance!




The only thing you are not supposed to do in this sense (assuming I read you right) is to run parallel gigs so if you have a gig saying

I will make your wife sane


I will solve your wife’s insanity

as they are essentially the same gig twice which is double-dipping and muddies the water. Not to mention making you look dodgy to anyone with eyes.

If one gig is about making wives less insane and the other is about pottery, there is no actual conflict past any possible perception that you may be a bit shattered, sorry scattered.



Thank you for taking time to reply, benedictrm. The info is helpful.