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Okay Finally I got my 1st order

Hi Fiverr members,

Great news, I got my very 1st order last week. I finished the order on time. I kept the buyer updated each time. The order was for $5. I tried to do my best to keep the buyer happy. But he didn’t leave any rating for me. I thought he will give a positive rating and I will get more orders.

If I have completed an order and have received no rating will it help to get more orders??

All credit goes to YOU all the Fiverr members who immensely taught me and gave me the knowledge required to sell my first gig.

Thank you so much for all your help. I appreciate every bit of it.

Thank you


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congratulations to you


congratulations man :). please try to satisfy your clients. because this first order is very important for your Fiverr career. most of the sellers face lot’s trouble on their first order. but I hope you will overcome that easily because you are connected to a good community. all the best :slight_smile:

congratulations dear :gift_heart:

I got 5 star in my 1st Order. but don’t worry you will try next time.

congratulation bro keep good working here :slight_smile:

Hey @aoteiza

I waited 2 my months for my order. Patience’s the key.

Maybe you start a new post and ask for expert advice.

Good Luck

Thank you @sldesign937 :pray:t2::pray:t2:

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Congratulations on your first order.
And its complete.
Good. Don’t ask buyer to put ratings on your gig client will give you later some time. any way its not harm to your future career. You can still grow up. Good Luck