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Okay, nobody can stop Chelsea now


The title is sealed. It’s over. The competition for the Champions League spots should get interesting now. I can see Guardiola crying like a girl and getting sacked by the end of the season. LOL. Mourinho will have his revenge on Pep. This is Arsene’s last season, he may finish 6th after this. Spurs and Liverpool are now officially a part of the top 3. Both have been very impressive. Conte, Klopp and Pochettino - they are the top managers today.


Yeah, Chelsea don’t slip up when they are in this position.
Agree with everything you said except about Liverpool. They are not top 3 but they are vastly improved since Klopp came along.


As long as Klopp is their manager, they will remain very competitive, after he is gone, they will get back to being a top 6/7 side. By the way, Klopp speaks perfect English these days. He is a fast learner.


I’d love Guardiola to come back to Barcelona. We miss him here :joy:


Oh yes, he will go back to Barcelona and win 8 titles in 5 years and everybody will forget what a poor manager he is. Oh wait, Messi will retire in 2 years, so that won’t end well either. Pep is the most overrated manager ever. Mourinho was right about him. I mean, the Claudio Bravo situation is beyond ridiculous. Pep thinks he is a genius, he believes in his own hype. This is the first time he has been found out.


Pep is def. overrated, but I wouldn’t say most overrated. Mou himself has always been a hater, so I’d take anything from him with a pinch of salt. He isn’t any better, afterall.