Okay, so I improved my gig. What do you think?


I feel like I have improved my gig by alot.
But you can always take some constructive criticizm, so I am looking for some more inrpovements. Take a look.

My gig - https://www.fiverr.com/peanutmastah/coach-you-in-fortnite-battle-royale?ref_ctx_id=-d5ff4fe2-783b4070-8bd1-4f39f508774f


Anybody have any help to offer?

  • peanutmastah


Hey glad to see you used my suggestions :+1:

I didn’t intend for you to use it word for word, was just more of a suggestion but let me know how it works out for you :wink:

If it goes well, maybe I’ll start a gig title and description rewrite service to help sellers not getting conversions.

One thing I would recommend though is putting a hard line in between each paragraph so it’s easier to read.

  • Justin


Also, you should use the keyword “fortnite” or some variation in your tags.