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Okay... time to test drive


I am just here to test the new forum. Looks good so far . And so many gooddies too - just as had been promised. But I must say, I loved the design of the old one better :unamused: But at least the new one loads faster on my computer and it looks like it has way more functionalities.



But it does look a little cluttered to me. The last look had a more clean, simplistic look.

I guess this will take some time getting used to it.


My thoughts exactly. It was simple, clean and organized. Wish there was a way of adding the new functions on the old design


Hmmm. don’t think user icons on the main list do much but to add clutter. Going to take some more testing.

Formatting options

  • Do we need
  • this
  • type of stuff

Maybe bold and italics.


  1. numbered
  2. lists
  3. items

Or a divider line


Maybe more options than needed.

You can even blur a spoiler <— blurred spoiler,not sure how it works.


Polls option I will need to think about.

  • Polls Yes
  • Polls No

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I agree. The new design is a bit hard to follow. I love all the bells and whistles. The new badges system with levels is very interesting as well. Can not wait to see where that goes :slight_smile: You can do polls too!

  • I like the new level system
  • I do not like the new level system

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Hadn’t seen the polls part! This will spice things up


…and I earn a badge for merely tagging you in this post @silberma1976 :sunglasses: Wish the comments and replies were nested though


@ronhi85 way to go! I could be on here a while. So much more fun than the old forum.I can do this!


@exilegraphics will I earn a badge by tagging myself? :smiley:


No, I won’t. :frowning:

Wow, thanks @ronhi85 .


But you can earn a badge by editing your post :slight_smile: You are welcome :wink: @exilegraphics


Executive Summary:
Yes, over time these features allow advanced users to organize content and make it clearer.

Most of these features are available on other forums (outside of Fiverr), and they help when people use them well.

One massive block of text is harder to read.

It’s up to users to use the formatting in a way that increases clarity. Most users won’t use the features, but the more advanced users will take advantage over time. (At least that’s what I’ve seen in other forums I’ve frequented over the years.)


Does anyone know if there is a way to see a poster’s profile and gigs now?


Interestingly enough I can go to your profile page but no one else’s.
After I click on your cute little face, there is then a link to your profile. I have not seen this with anyone else.


I can also see emmaki’s profile. Maybe it is just for you special trusted sellers.


You can set it yourself for right now. The thing is, it will likely be overwritten and locked down so it’s only useful short term. You can add your own Fiverr profile as your URL and that doesn’t violate the Fiverr ToS. I edited @misscrystal’s to test it. If people start adding other sites and they violate ToS, their timing would be bad since there are tons of observers on the forum right now who are part of Fiverr staff. :slight_smile: (I am not one of them, I’m just a moderator.)


The little badges we receive for the achievements remind me of Snapchat. :grin:


the replying to comments function still needs more work. I liked the old format where you could basically follow through a whole exchange of comments and replies with ease. the nested comments and reply function should be brought back.

otherwise it seems cool, a lot to learn though, guess fiverr has made plans for me for the rest if the week!


If you click on a profile link now, it has the structure[username]. Just copy-paste the last part of that string without the initial [forum.] in a new browser window.


Yup. Nested commends would be much appreciated so that mini-conversations within a thread remain relevant and people who bump up old threads do not get to have their posts shown as latest posts.

But given that they’ve added infinite scrolling, tracking notifications, private message option and an overall friendly UI, the upgrade is much much better than the previous forum. If they add nested comments, that would make it perfect.