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Okay, what is this? (delivered on time)

So I was clicking through the app to find a portfolio link on the gig page because the potential buyer has claimed it wasn’t there. And instead, I bumped into this lovely addition which was discussed before.

I think we all decided fiverr was testing something out and let it go.

The thing is, my “meets deadlines” metric (which is a fancy name for the “delivered on time”, I assume) is set to 95% here.

And my “delivered on time” is 100%. On desktop, on the app, on my analytics page. I haven’t had a late delivery in years. I’ve had 3 of them in total in my entire time on the platform. I miraculously escaped the 4th one this month, but I did escape it. The deadline was extended less than an hour before the order was due.

No “this order is late!” emails, no complaints from buyers that things are running too slowly, nothing.

What is this? Why are they deliberately lowering my stats for public display but not for me to see?

Or am I being secretly penalized for something and finding this by accident is the only way to know?

I’m having a pretty terrible week as it is and as a result, I did deliver 3 or 4 orders after the “you have less than 12 hours to deliver!!!” email. It’s a conspiracy theory of mine that fiverr doesn’t like it when you do that. But you’d think they’d inform you it was a punishable offence instead of showing you 100% / 100% / 100% / 5* everywhere while in reality, you’re slowly rolling down toward the demotion.


As far i know this is your on time order delivery rate for last 2 months.


Okay, but I haven’t had any late deliveries in 2 months. In 12 or even 24 months, actually. Not according to my experience, my stats, my analytics page.

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Then maybe this is some kind of bug will be fixed soon i guess

Always when I’ve had incorrect statistics showing, support has fixed it to show the correct amount. Except maybe once.

UPD from Customer Support:


Great, this is just great. I don’t even know what to think anymore. Who decides what is “on time” if all the deadlines are maintained?

Can be either deadline extension requests or the orders that were delivered after the “12 hours before the deadline” email.


Even more upsetting is this on your gig at the top:

I didn’t see anything like what you showed. Is your gig paused? edit: I see you mentioned it was on the app so I didn’t check that.
I can’t understand why it says only 95% was on time.
If someone wants to they could please check my gigs to see if they have that? I’ve never been late.


Yeah, this is both dumb and annoying. I too am on 95% for on-time delivery. However, I will say that I have a lot more late deliveries than you seem to.

The most annoying thing is that this is just another feature ripped from other freelance marketplaces which do show accurate, measurable versions of these stats.

I also didn’t realize that the “try for a live version later” message was so pervasive. I’ve been seeing this for weeks. That’s one way to deter peopIe from ordering…


Same thing here, but seen only on one of my Gigs.
Overall stats are 100% and I’m sure that there were no missed or late deliveries on that Gig either.
So you’re not alone :smiley: I hope they get it fixed for us perfectionists.


What does that mean? I don’t understand it.

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Yours are all at 100%.

It’s just. I’m having a pretty rough week with my health so I did deliver a few orders after the “12 hours to deliver” email.

And I had to request deadline extension 2 times. One for 24 hours (I ended up delivering in the original timeframe). Another one is a nightmare because the dude ordered an extra and told me he’ll be sending the information “shortly”. I had to extend the delivery time for 24 hours once, then for 10 days because he can’t stop with minor revisions and his “shortly” ended up taking 4 days.

These are the only two things that I can think of that might have triggered it.

There also can be some hidden customer surveys where someone could answer “I wish it’d take less time” or something. (My standard delivery time is 4 days).

But it is still worded in a way that implies that I was late with my deadlines and I never was.

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I just now looked at your gigs and profile in the app and didn’t see that at all, what you showed. Thanks for checking mine. And I hope you feel better soon!

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It’s a super secret metric that is related to god knows what and like most genius fiverr updates, I’m afraid that it’ll stick around for months at least.

I wonder if they’re randomly tweaking those numbers to see if that increases or decrease sales.

Delivered on time is the only stat I had a complete confidence in and now would you look at that.

Where do you see this information? I don’t see it on my own profile, maybe only some sellers have this information displayed?

Go to the app, open any of your gigs, scroll down. It’s right under green “Continue” button. Above the FAQ and reviews.

My gigs don’t have the green continue button on them. I only see that on other people’s gigs.

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I too am faced with the same “skewed” metrics.

Is it possible the percentage represents the “total” number of orders we have completed?

Even so it seems off, as I’ve had 3-4 late deliveries since 2014.

Or perhaps the “late” label we get when under revision counts after all?


In that case, everyone’s screwed. :slight_smile: I was assured by CS a month ago that it wasn’t the case but on the other hand, I was assured by CS about a lot of things.

Same. I had a few but definitely not 5%.

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I hate to keep asking this but can anyone see the green continue button my gigs?