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Okay, what is this? (delivered on time)

It’s saying “at least” rather than a specific figure. But if it’s only showing it truncated to the nearest 5% and “at least”, it should really show it when it’s 100% too, unless it’s for one of the reasons mentioned above (about the on-time figure). Or maybe they just don’t want to be too specific/say “100%” so they don’t need to update the stats shown as often. Maybe it never shows 100% for some stats. Also we don’t know whether “recent” always means “the last 60 days” or some other time-frame.

It’d be hilarious to get demoted from TRS for extending the delivery deadline because someone ordered an extra and couldn’t decide for days and days what they actually wanted me to do.

95% doesn’t sound too good. I wonder if it’s the lowest number you need to hit to get this stat displayed at all. Then it just gets removed 'cause it’s nothing to brag about.

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I’ve just seen one where it says “x delivered 90% of their recent orders on time.” so probably 90% is the lowest it shows.

But they didn’t say they plan to use it for level evaluation, or did they.
The “is this helpful?” that I saw when looking for the feature the first time I’d read about it sounds more as if they want to only show it if people say it is, plus it seems to be a beta anyway, as some people said they can’t see it. Would be weird to use that for SLD then.

Might have been inspired by the complaints from buyers about wanting to be able to see sellers’ cancellation/completion rates (while they probably don’t take into account that cancellations aren’t necessarily sellers’ fault in all or even any cases …).


That TRS email mentioned something about “delivering within timeframes” and “not meeting these expectations repeatedly”.

And I seriously doubt they’d inform us about the reasons of those metrics being there. It’s all the part of the “information they can’t disclose”. Especially considering that as a seller you can’t even see them.

I do need to stop thinking about this, it gives me a headache. I was just trying to find my dang portfolio on my page and found this instead.


This must be the key then, because I get revision requests too and it doesn’t seem to have affected me, but I don’t think I’ve ever had to send an extension request, as of yet.

Wow, another ridiculous feature. I just checked and don’t see it on my main gig. I’m still annoyed with the “Recommended for You” gig ads for other people’s services on all my gigs. I mean, if they were in the same price range I wouldn’t be so annoyed, but they’re for $5 articles, not my $50 articles or $15 short stories. Sigh. But the good news is that business has picked up this month.


This is why no one in their right mind should pend time or money marketing their gigs. You basically market the gigs of other sellers. It would be fine if other gigs offered by the same seller were featured in this area. As it is, everything is just crazy.

What also grinds my gears is the amount of emails I get from Fiverr after using the search to research competitors, etc.

I get asked if I’m still looking for copywriting or video work, then I get a recomendation to check out a few random gigs. Recently, I also got a popup displayed while using the search. It said that Fiverr editors had hand-selected a few gigs I might be interested in. I clicked to view these and felt insulted.

Like with gigs featured on our gig pages, in email recommendations, and holding a prominent place in a lot of searches, Fiverr was telling me that they had hand-selected sellers with just a handful of reviews and literally two lines explaining what they do in their gig description. This gig especially stood out:


Because that right there is one of my old gig images. It has a black border because the seller has taken a screenshot of what was then my old gig video.

Do I want to buy a hand-picked gig tailored specially to me which is even using one of my old gig images? - Not really. :roll_eyes:

The search and the way Fiverr tries to promote certain gigs makes me feel like Fiverr is trying to scam me. This makes very reluctant to buy anything. I’m also guessing that at least some buyers will feel the same way.

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What a terrible blow to see that offered to you. I can imagine how awful that made you feel.


I got over it pretty quickly. Sadly, I can’t prove that it is my old gig image, as I deleted the gig when I was revamping my gigs. The good news is that the seller isn’t getting sales. :wink:

I got a mail telling me my sophisticated taste got noticed or something :wink: and that they think I might be looking for a pro gig.

Didn’t work though (seller level was none of my criteria) neither did the competitors’ gigs below theirs, I went right back to the seller I had just ordered from to order from them again because I picked them and they did a great job, so I didn’t quite see the benefit in looking for a different seller for my follow-up order.

Side-note, they don’t make it easy to order from the same seller again, at least not from the app. If you only communicated on the order page, and the order is complete, it requires detective work to be able to contact them. Contacting competitors would have been easier, as their gigs were displayed in my “gigs you browsed recently” but not the gig I’d actually ended up buying.

It would make more sense to advertise complimenting gigs IMO, gigs that someone who bought that gig might also need vs. gigs they could buy instead of the gig they already bought and might want to buy again already.


You made a great point, that it would be a good idea for fiverr to offer the other gigs of the same seller you made a previous purchase from.

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Now I have
“Meets Deadlines
delivered 95% of their recent orders on time.”

showing, not even “at least”.
How do they get to that 95%? No idea. I’m going to ask (when I get some time), as I haven’t delivered a single order late, plus I very rarely ask for delivery time extensions at all, and the only extension(s?) I needed recently as in this year or so, was because of customers, nothing to do with me, and still, I could count them on one hand for 1, 2, or 3 years probably. 5% orders not delivered on time (while all my orders were submitted before the deadlines) seems unreasonably high to me, I want to know where that number comes from.

This doesn’t make sense, scare buyers away from my gig because I supposedly delivered orders late. I didn’t deliver any orders late. If we need to ask for a delivery time extension because of something solely in the responsibility of the buyer (like sending the wrong file), that’s not delivering late.

Fiverr, if you want to claim that a seller didn’t meet deadlines in x% of cases:

  • tell customers also that this means 1 order (2, x orders) after the original deadline and also whether it was for a reason in the seller’s responsibility or in that of the buyer/s
  • tell sellers where you get that 5% number from, what is “recent” and why time extensions count that are solely the fault of the buyer who ordered, else we can’t even contest that bit of “information” not just for being unfair and actually untrue (if we delivered either to the original or to the extended deadline (if buyer’s fault), it’s not delivered late, and it’s also not delivered late if a buyer asks for a revision (whether justified or not) even if the timer then shows as :LATE:) but also we couldn’t even know if there is a bug in that percentage, and we all know that there are bugs.

It’s not okay to display those numbers on our gigs and to not tell us where you get them from. It’s numbers like those other numbers, indicating the same or similar things, and we know what the order completion rate is made up from, which time period it refers to, etc.
This is plain numbers, not some guidelines for choosing TRS or giving people raising talent badges or something, they should be based on facts, and should be comprehensible.


Now you just went on and crushed my delivery extension request theory. :slight_smile:

Please do ask them in case you get someone sympathetic but I’ve reposted my CS reply when I asked the same question.

My other theory is that they just play around with the numbers to see if there is any correlation between increasing/decreasing them and the number of orders you get as the result. And as a seller, you shouldn’t be concerned because as a seller you can’t see these numbers.

The problem is some sellers are also buyers and some sellers (like me) occasionally switch the mode back and forth just to see how things look. And it’s demotivating because it’s blatantly not true.

We should be able to customize our profiles to show or not show learn courses, per course, actually.
And all the bulk of other gigs certainly clutters the gig page and distracts.

But I can ignore that, while those new metrics that you don’t see (yet?), that’s something else, as the one I described above tells buyers that I didn’t deliver 5% of my recent orders (what’s recent?) on time and can actually keep a buyer from ordering - for no reason at all, unless they are buyers who don’t provide the order requirements timely or wrong files, etc and yet expect timely delivery. All buyers who supplied the required files and info got their deliveries within the original deadline, often much before, so why lead them to believe a seller might not deliver on time, when in fact they do.

I just don’t get this. Are we supposed to only advise far too long delivery times (which may and will lead to fewer sales) 100% of the time, just in case 5% of buyers send a wrong file or login within whatever random period of time, and to cover any amount of days that may or may not be needed for revisions, or whatever?
Buyers sometimes want 24-hour delivery, and that’s a good thing too for Fiverr, as they typically cost more, and they are risky already (because, sorry to be the bearer of bad “news”, sometimes buyers do not send the correct login, file, etc.) and even if you ask for an extension, there is no guarantee that the buyer will be online to accept it, no need to make them even more risky with that display of disjointed information for no good reason. Sure, we can all switch to 30 days delivery only, no matter what, just in case, but, I suppose, then 95% of buyers would be gone.

Well, I’m in out of office mode currently, and before I’ll be back, I’ll rethink offering 24 hour gigs at all and my delivery times in general.
The only gig I needed an extension for “recently” was buyer’s responsibility and it’s a long story but believe me, they were happy that I did work with their exotic file at all, I even had to jump through several hoops, including a subscription to the only software that file could be edited with, etc., I got 5* and an enthusiastic review about going far beyond the call of duty, all was fine - unless now it seems I get rewarded with the claim I didn’t deliver 5% of my orders on time for that (can’t imagine any other reason than the extension, everything else was delivered on time; well, and that order too, on time for the 1 extension). That’s just … why?

Very good question, would certainly be more helpful and relevant for buyers looking at my gig to decide if they want to order from me than to know that I didn’t deliver 5% of my orders “on time” (with no context which would show that it’s not relevant for them that I didn’t, unless they plan to send a file that’s not editable or a wrong login or something the like).

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I’ve been following this thread since it was started, and I can say I didn’t see anything like that on my profile. But, I’ve also come to the mind of… Fiverr just throws things at the wall to see what sticks and who cares if it’s damaging to its sellers. A person could go crazy with all the things that Fiverr implements every single year.

It’s to the point I’m wondering if someone has screwed up somewhere and someone else is trying to fix the problem before it’s too late.

Dunno! But, I’m at a point in time where Fiverr can do it and I’ll do me! I’m tired of levels, tired of the changes. I’m not here to win Fiverr over or play games. I’m here to provide the best service possible to my clients - be it no level, level 1, Level 2 or even TRS - it’s all good.

Don’t go crazy with this at least or whatever… From my standpoint, Fiverr wants bloodshed among its sellers. And, I refuse to play that game.

Definitely. It not only undervalues you, but it’s not even tactical marketing. If someone is interested in a skilled, professional person, why would they be interested in an amateur who undercharges and creates poor work? It actually doesn’t make sense.

I’ve seen Fiverr say that they want to attract buyers who want more professional services and attract sellers who provide that. It’s stunts like this that prevent this from happening. Then they wonder why Fiverr is still the place to go for cheap, poor quality versus a professional platform…

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This is what we have control over. It’s best to try not to think about the rest. I’ve found it’s not helpful to me to do that, to be thinking about things I can’t control.


I hope I always have the wisdom to know the difference.


A great thing for Sellers to remember. Let’s focus on things we CAN control.

Life is stressful enough. We don’t need to add to it.


Well, I don’t see this on your gigs.
I do see it on MissCrystal’s gigs, while she can’t see it on mine, I also see it on Cy’s gigs, so it’s not tied to a certain level and only on some sellers’ gigs.

And sure, life is stressful enough and I like to focus on things I can control but this, if we know where the data comes from, is something that we can, to an extent, control, just like the other metrics, I’ve been able to control those just fine.

If I know it’s because of that deadline extension caused by a buyer who didn’t provide what I needed to do the job on time, and if there is the possibility that I get less or no orders when buyers see that metric, I can, for example, do 24-hour orders only for regular clients where I know they’ll provide x file type, and on time, so I have a fair chance to be done before the deadline and without asking for an extension.

Alright. < /rant> Off to read some existentialcomics to gain perspective and for fun. Don’t know if I can link that but if you add a .com, you’ll get there.

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