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Okay, what is this? (delivered on time)

Yes. (20 symbols). +


Thanks again. I wonder why I can’t see these things.

Are you viewing your gig as a buyer when you see that stuff? Because I’m not seeing that metric anywhere on my gig (and I’m on mobile too). I also don’t have a continue button anymore, but I feel like it used to be there, before the new updated design that rolled out a couple of days ago.

I’ll tell you what though - as aggravating as that sounds like it would be to see, I don’t imagine it would be anywhere near the fury I feel inside every time I see ads for other peoples gigs on my gig page. It’s utterly ridiculous. They’re always cheaper too. It’s like they don’t want me to make money, or something.


Ooops, sorry, I do. I switch back and forth sometimes and then completely forget that I did that.

I should just switch back to sellers mode. It’ll be better for my sanity. It’s all 100% and 5* in there.


This can be so nerve wracking sometimes. I’m not sure what showing those metrics to everyone does. :thinking: All I can think is that fiverr is making an extra effort to be transparent about sellers to potential buyers.
I really doubt anyone would be dissuaded from making a purchase due to those.

I really hope not! :confounded:

I stood 28 days waiting for my buyer to tell me what were the required modifications she wanted to be done, only to know - after messaging her the second time - she forgot to answer to my first message and no modifications were needed. :flushed: :grimacing:

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Ahh, yep - there it is. I logged out and now I see that stuff. For whatever it’s worth - I only have the ‘meets deadlines’ and ‘meets expectations’ sections, not the communication one. Weird…

My ‘meets deadlines’ is at 100% and I deliver after that stupid ‘you only have 12 hours left’ thing all the time, so it can’t be that.

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Good question, the 12 hours left thing is the only thing that comes to mind there.

I wanted to check for my gig but didn’t see the “meets deadlines” one this time around (when someone posted this new feature, I’d checked and saw a different set of values, so it seems to rotate, by the way) - and this time, there’s this among mine:

Great Communicator

100% of recent customers said they had had excellent communication with miiila.

“Great Communicator”, sounds like some title of the chief diplomat on some planet into whose fate Kirk and Crew aren’t supposed to meddle but of course do, in an original Star Trek episode :joy:
Maybe it’s just for fun, to entertain customers. :wink:

I’ll keep an eye on that, while I don’t know what apart from meets deadlines should count if not the 12 hours thing (and really, if you want people to offer quick turnarounds and 24-hour gigs, obviously it shouldn’t), I think I delivered two orders past the “12-hour mark” recently, so if it’s that, I should see less than 100% for that new metric too.

Hey, now we can wonder about that instead of other undisclosables like algorithm, TRS factors and effects of private reviews. Hardly a day here without new fun and games. :slight_smile:


Could be deadline extension requests. I used 2 this week.

I maybe used the extension feature around 20 times since the new fancy resolution centre was introduced.

I always write that it’s the option only if the buyer is okay with it. If not, I deliver as initially agreed upon.

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Ah, right, deadline extensions make much more sense than the 12-hours thingie.

The designer I ordered from this week had 95% in some metric too by they way, I think completed orders, and it didn’t bother me at all. Though that might be due to me being a seller myself and knowing the things that can lead to lower metrics, some of them not sellers’ fault at all, “only buyers” might see that differently. :thinking:

Just saw I do have the deadline thing on another gig, and it says 100%. Hm, I had to send one extension request not too long ago, the issue was on buyer side though, so perhaps that plays a role too, depending on the reasons for extensions that one clicks? It only says “recent”, so it’s hard to tell if that follows the 60 days timeline or whatever.

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Thanks for alerting me to this. Maybe it’s buggy because it’s still in testing mode.

In this case I’m triple mad because I just counted and I’ve sent 3 extensions this week, not 2.

One of them for my own health reasons because I wasn’t feeling well. You can say this one’s on me.

Another 2, though, is due to the buyer (a regular one at that) suddenly becoming difficult, wanting extras, purchasing extras (1st extension) and then deciding they wanted to proceed with 1/2 of the order first (2nd extension).

I couldn’t just use “deliver now” button to deliver 1/2 of the order, could I? It was the only way to prevent the order from being late. Which, as it turns out, could be a better option, actually.

@lenasemenkova I’m certain that won’t stop anyone from buying your gigs. I know it’s still annoying however but maybe it’s only temporary.


I’ll just need some time to wrap my head around this, I think.

I requested one deadline extension because I was sick and only after the buyer told me there was no rush. The other 2 because I didn’t have the full requirements provided to me. Yet it’s me who has issues with deadlines, apparently.

I’m glad we figured out what caused this. All the secrecy was driving me a bit crazy.


‘cre8iveartwork delivered at least 95% of their orders.’ same here … but I see that there’s an ‘’ at least ‘’ there … which means that it can be 100% as well

I think you’re looking at the equivalent of “order completion rate” metric. It’s a different one.

I’d assume your completion rate is 95-99%.

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I haven’t had a late delivery in the 4 years I’ve been on this platform and for some reason it shows 95% for me as well which is rather annoying. From what I can guess, it counts modifications requests that are delivered after the order time limit as well.

Did you send out any deadline extension requests recently?

Yea, that might also be the cause.

I guess so, the metric is “High Delivery Completion” and I have it showing as " x delivered 100% of their orders".

Maybe they show it in 5% steps in honour of the 5 ;). I wonder if there are thresholds were it gets less precise like “less than 50% of their orders” for anything below that.
I also wonder what exactly “recent” means, and if it updates in real time, because in that case, it could just as well say “97%” instead of “at least 95%”.

Oh, there are also “metrics” without %, “Meets Expectations” only says “Customers liked working with this seller and ordered their service again”.

That’s 2 metrics in one, actually, “liked working with” and “ordered again”, so it makes sense to not have a percentage.

(Wasn’t there a badge for the latter on the profile at some point, about having many repeat customers? I can’t remember I saw it lately.)