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Olá, sou brasileira e sou nova no Fiverr!

Há algum ilustrador para me ajudar a melhorar meu show?

Forums are for English posting only, you should edit your post before it gets removed.

Btw, “ilustrador para me ajudar a melhorar meu show”? Eu falo português e nem eu percebo o que isso quer dizer.

Oh, and I also advise you to change all your gig copy to English, having it in portuguese makes no sense, you’re driving away 99% of the market. Not wise.

@kyoharaa At first learn some english to communicate well.

i think my pc automatically translates :frowning: i hadn’t even noticed

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thank you! I hadn’t noticed it was in Portuguese.

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Good to hear… All the best for your journey

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Welcome to Fiveer and good luck on your journey.

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