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Old Account Activation


Hi, I am the old user of fiver but some few reason i didn’t use fiver account. I wanna ask how can I get my position back.


Have you tried forgot password or contacted


no i have activated my account but how can i get the order from buyers that’s the main issue what should i do. someone told me your account is old response from the buyer will be difficult. I need some tips what should i do for response from the buyers. I was focusing on my study and career now i am free and can give the proper time.


try buyer request , contact old buyer . make new gigs…good luck


marki has good suggestions so far, also try social medial marketing promote your gigs there also.


yea i made new gigs but old buyer is not showing me and please let me know how can i sent request to buyer is there any option? and is this true if i use old account which is made in 2016 my account will be show to the buyer in new users or not? I am really confused what should i do or not


your new gig will be shown in new section .buyer request is option check on dashboard .once you got some order your old gig will be get back in line


Ok thanks a lot mark. its means does not matter if i activate my old account. thank you :slight_smile:


Do you mean that you have more than one account?

A thing to keep in mind: plagiarizing someone else’s text in your profile description can make you look dishonest.


no you did not understand please read my previous message. I just wanna ask this is my old account i made this account in 2016 but due to my study i did not use this account but now i wanna work here properly and wanna give time of my work but confusion is that how can i get the the work from the buyers? it does matter if I am using old account. I have only one account of fiver and this is my only one account. I want to know this my old account and made 2016 so how can i start and get response from the buyers.


You are confusing it a lot.
Here are the questions you should ask -

  1. Does using an account made a long time ago affects my sales if I start selling recently?
  2. How can I make sales?

Are these what you meant?


If I’ve got it right - you’ve got one account which you opened in 2016, and you want to know is it still alright to use it, and how to get sales?

  1. Yes, so long as you’ve only got 1 account, which it seems you have, it’s fine to sell from it
  2. How to make sales - please see below for help

Good luck!


taver thank you :slight_smile: you did understand what i wanna say (Y)