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Old account but new as a Seller

Hi everyone. I have been on fiverr since long but have barely used it as a seller tool. Now as i am starting to turn the screws completely on selling skills, i would really appreciate for the candid advice from senior fiverr sellers.

Please help me on how to:

  1. Increase impressions
  2. Rank the gigs higher
  3. Engage buyers
  4. Increase conversions
  5. Niche selection (high vs low niche competition)
  6. Other essential seller strategies


In a single sentence, create a GIG you are good in and buyer looking for. That’s it.

Tips on niche selection?

Going for high or low volume subcategory in same niche?

You ask lots of questions.

Check this out:

See reply No. 3


Hi! I would suggest taking a look at this post: Answer to all the questions that sellers have

You can find some useful answers to your questions there and some helpful tips! Also, like @lloydsolutions said, make sure that you do some research of your own! I hope this helps!

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