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Old account or new account better?


i open my Fiverr account January 2016. but that time i was so irregular. January 2016 to February 2017, there are no working feedback in my profile :disappointed: but now i seriously want to work here. please suggest me which will be better for me, continue this old account or create new account ??


Why not just carry on with the old one, unless you want to change your username by starting a new one?

If you do want to start a new one, please talk to CS first, so they can make sure you only have one account at a time, and can help you with it.


actually my question was - if any buyer open my profile then they see in 1year i have no feedback, so it will be any negative effect to get new work ??


Don’t think so - many sellers start as buyers and progress from there - stick with it and save the hassle!

  • Strong negative effect
  • Mild negative effect
  • No effect
  • Mild positive effect
  • Strong positive effect

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Personally I find the year absolutely irrelevant when I choose to buy a gig.
I don’t care what you did between 2016-2017. If you have available gigs that I need, a few reviews and a great attitude then I might buy from you :slight_smile:
Focus more on quality of your new gigs instead minor things like these.
Good luck! :slight_smile:


Most buyers look for some history to help make a decision on which seller to chose. For me, I’d be happier with a buyer who has been on Fiverr for a while even if there was no feedback in that time.


It may actually stand you in better stead as you can be seen to have some history.