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Old account or New account suggestion

I have created my account in 2017 but i start working on my account at the end of 2019.I have 4 reviews on my account.Now i wanted to provide another service.Should i deactivate this and create a new one.Or continue with this account.


I think you should continue this account. Just change your description and skills if needed. And add another gig which represents your service.
Your reviews are valuable. If you open a new account it will take time to be ranked.


Continue your old this a best for you.

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No no no , new or old doesn’t define your ranking , ranking depend on gig , and it’s okay to start by new one or ask support to change your profile category

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You can provide more than one service within your account.

Your reviews are worth a lot so best not to lose them. Just continue with your account.

Enjoy the forum. :slightly_smiling_face: