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Old account or new account

Hi, every one i have account since 2016 this time m not done good but now me again start selling on Fiver which account is better old one or new one because old account have bad response time or no review like etc suggest me,

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i suggest old account.

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It’s not allowed to have two accounts at the first place… :wink: I would suggest you, to contact CS as soon as possible to close one of your accounts. I was not is such situation, so I don’t know what is procedure is such cases, but if they find you with two accounts, they will ban both of them.


Response rate counts only for Last 60 days. You can continue your service from your old (current) account. But if you really want to continue with a new account, deactivate the old account 1st.


I will recommend old account :slight_smile:
continue with your old account make new gigs

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