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Old Account or new account?

I have created my account in 2019 Aug but I start working on my account in 2020 May.I don’t have any review in my account. Should I deactivate this and create a new. Or continue with this account. Because I didn’t get any order, is it my old account problem or? I created gigs and did everything, it is more than 3 weeks and I am 14 orf 15 hours online on Fiverr.


Creating new account and deactivating this wont help because you will be offering same service with same quality on that too…

There wont be any issue if your account is old…may be update your gigs and description and tags to more relevant to your service and few buyer request would help you out…

You have just started working back now so would take some time !


I uploaded my gigs on May. So they are new

Your gigs looks good !
Try out contacting few buyers from buyers request…you will surely get started soon !

PS: Try changing 1 day delivery to 2, I have faced issue few time with my 1 day devilry , even if its as an extras !

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Thank you review about my gigs :slight_smile: I send requests to buyers everyday. It also didn’t help me. I’ll change my delivery time now. Do you have any other suggestions ?))

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Everything looks good to me !
All the best ! :slight_smile:

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This doesnt effect your work because you are selling same thing just focus on your product and do buyer request

As I said before I send requests everyday, but it doesn’t help me )). Can you give few advice about my gigs ?

Sell your gig on social media

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Okay. I’ll try it too