(OLD) AWESOME: Buyers' Reviews available for sellers to see


For people just reading, this is an old thread and will be closed soon. This is not a new 2016 feature and doesn’t work. Buyer reviews only showed for a few days in 2015. Fiverr removed the feature for unknown reasons. Please feel free to write to the Support Team and ask for buyer reviews to be shown. It does help to keep asking! You can also post about it in the Suggestion Box forum. Right now it does not work at all.

THANK YOU FIVERR! Great news! A long time wish of hundreds of sellers:

Today I had a nice surprise. By clicking on potential buyers’ name I can now see their previous behavior with other sellers on Fiverr plus my own reviews, the ones I Ieft for my buyers after a completed order.

Isn’t that fair for the community and cool? Finally Sellers are not they only ones exposed with Ratings and Reviews.

So, as this is posted on Tips for Sellers, Sellers you can now check out who is “ringing your bell” before you proceed with an order :slight_smile:

What do you think?


I mentioned this in another thread on this topic but I’m really curious so I’ll put it here too. I really hope seeing buyer reviews will help sellers. The issue I have is that after looking at several buyers I saw their positive reviews but could not find any negative ones. If anyone finds out otherwise I think it is important to know. If their profiles have filtering on to show only positives that actually helps buyers and does nothing for sellers.


Reply to @fonthaunt: I’ve seen one or two that have some negative reviews mixed in with the positive ones. So, they have to be recent reviews (as I’m pretty sure that’s what shows up on the account profiles, a mix-mash of the most recent ones), but if they’re received some, they will show up.


Hi Everyone, we’ve updated the reviews to reflect all ratings, not just positive ones. Take a look. Thanks for all of your feedback, it’s much appreciated.


Reply to @fonthaunt:

That is a good point.


Reply to @emasonwrites: I sure hope you are right. I looked at maybe 5 buyer-only accounts and didnt see anything but positives. I did see one account that was someone who buys and sells and they had some negatives that were
mixed in. To give it another test I located some accounts that I know had negative replies in the past few days. (To find those I found some recent forum posts where sellers had ranted about getting a bad review and had reciprocated with bad reviews for their buyers.) The bad reviews did not show on the seller pages.

It was a small sampling and I can’t tell much from that but if I do find a buyer-only account with negatives I’ll update without mentoning names. I just want to know if the new “feature” is actually worthwhile. Thanks for your input! :slight_smile:


Reply to @emasonwrites:

Thanks. That is useful. By the way I just had a look at your profile and no reviews are visible (to me). Either you have not purchased anything on Fiverr or for Top Rated sellers there is no information (?). Strange.

Otherwise, it seems that only if a Fiverr user contacts you through the inbox or places an order you are able to see that user’s reviews.


This is fair. Finnaly!

Thanks : )


In order for a ‘‘negative’’ review to appear on a buyer’s profile,you have to give them 3 stars ( which is actually positive ) but you can write anything you want and it will appear .


Reply to @cre8iveartwork: So, if you give a buyer 1 or 2 stars the review doesn’t show?


Reply to @happyspace: Uh oh–I can see reviews on everyone else’s pages, including people I haven’t worked with before and on my own page (but that really means nothing).

That’s not good. If they’re not showing up on my profile for anyone but me, they’re not very useful, are they? Hrmmmmm…


Reply to @fonthaunt: It just now occurred to me that it might not actually be a negative review, since the reviews on the profile pages aren’t accompanied by stars–just the text reviews. Maybe the ones I saw just sounded negative, but the seller didn’t actually leave a poor star rating along with the feedback that appeared to be a response to negative feedback (if that sentence makes any sense? The summary being: you’re right, it’s just positive feedback showing).


Reply to @emasonwrites: I just checked, and I could see the reviews on your pages. Probably just a glitch that prevented @happyspace from seeing them.


Reply to @emasonwrites: Yep, I think that is correct. So, it looks like right now everone can see all seller reviews including the worst 1-2 star feedback. A buyer can get a 1-2 star rating with a comment that might have given other sellers a total heads-up, but those are not shown. That’s too bad. I had hoped for a more level playing field instead of cover-ups for the worst buyers.


Reply to @norrsken_marc: Thank you for checking! I was getting worried there.


Yeah, I noticed you can’t see them if they are bad reviews though.


Give them 3 STARS and your review. It will show up on the page


I think this means we’ll have to do three star reviews but with negative comments. I, for one, will be delighted to be able to research some buyers a bit!


Reply to @writerlisaz: I should say, though it probably goes without saying, “negative comments”–when warranted.


Reply to @writerlisaz: Yes, this looks like the only option. It’s too bad, though, there are plenty of sellers who may not be on the forums often that will notice the buyer feedback and since 3 stars is considered “positive” by Fiverr those sellers will assume the buyer hasn’t gotten any 1-2 star ratings. It just feels deceptive to me.

Editing to say one other thing. I think that if Fiverr is going to hide 1-2 star reviews for buyers, they should do the same for sellers. Now, I’m not saying that it actually makes sense to hide part of the reviews for sellers. I think that all users should see all reviews for both buyers and sellers. The double standard seems odd.