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Old but New Seller

Hello there, my name is Gunawan.
I’m not a new seller here, has been working full time here for 2 years.

But i’m really new to know and participating in this forum (i just know that there is a forum to introduce myself).

So i just want to introduce myself, about my service.

Yeah you can call me as all things designer cause i can do all kind of design (my speciality is in logo design, all kind - versatile, minimalistic, signature, etc).

I can design header, banner, flyer, postcard, letterhead, tshirt, invitation, illustration, info graphic, social media ads, Cartoon or caricature, etc.

If you don’t mind maybe you can visit my gig and found something interested there or maybe if you need any design graphic please don’t hesitate to let me know.



Hello Gunawan,

Nice to meet you! I just checked your profile, you already have 3500+ reviews, which is very inspiring for a new seller like me. Keep rocking!

Thank you my friend.
I wish for your success too here.

Nice to meet you :slightly_smiling_face:

You had a great gig too.

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What the hell was that?

Wrong mention :joy: Sorry

That’s what I always do for 4 months to join Fiverr. Thanks for explanation :slight_smile: the most important is always try and always give extraordinary service :wink: Btw, you are an amazing seller :heart_eyes:

Yes patience is one of the most key that we need in fiverr.

Thanks and good luck for your gig too my friend :slight_smile:

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Yeah :relaxed: Thank you

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