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Old Buyer Requests Came Back


I have just been upgraded to Level 1 Seller ( so excited ) and i noticed that all the old Buyer Requests including the ones i removed dating back as 2 weeks ago.I now have over 2800 requests on my Buyers Request Section.


This has to do with your browser cache and server cache. It used to happen to me too, but I found a quick fix.

Suppose you are seeing 95 requests, first what I do is, I click on “load more” and completely open ALL 95 requests.

Then I go from bottom to top, after I’m done, I start clicking the first post on the top to “remove” it. And keep clicking until i reach the end of all 95 requests.

Now, I would go and click on >Selling >Buyer Request again. (<- :bulb: Tip)

This clears the cache and now your old “Removed” requests will NOT pop up again.

Good luck and congrats!:sunglasses: