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Old buyer requests keep piling up

Today makes the third day that old buyers’ requests have piled up and whenever I get updates, it’s always one new request and nothing more.

As seen in the screenshot below, it seems like the ‘offers sent’ is also not updated because the numbers have remained the same since bidding for the jobs.

Am I alone or just worried?

I just got level 1 status again and suddenly have over 800 buyer requests going back weeks :joy::joy:


Is that even normal?

Now, this is crazy. I’ve only got less than 10 old requests and suddenly feel blessed on seeing your complaint.:joy:


Because of my OCD, which I do not often have time to indulge, I deleted the 800+ old Buyer Requests that I saw when I became a level 1.

Now I keep up :broom: by removing them each day if I am not interested in them. For instance, if someone wants to have 30,000 words rewritten or paraphrased for a tight budget of $5. Don’t these buyers realize they are only inviting spun articles?


Many buyers actually have unrealistic ideas, budgets, and demands. But I’m glad for them because they are basically saying, “ignore me, or risk a bad review eventually” which is bad for business haha.

I recently noticed after receiving level 1, got over 4000 old requests. When I asked support, they said now that I am level 1, I can see old requests as well which I am responsible to deleting.Going to sit down to delete them so I can keep my requests board up-to-date! See ya guys!

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