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Hi thank you for reading this. I accidentally had two Fivver accounts. I deactivated my old one just right now. The old one had my current email address. So with my other new current Fivver account I have my old email address. When I go to account/settings/email it won’t let me change my email to the email address of my OLD Fiverr account, which is my current email address. In short…

Deacivated Fiverr account had my current email address.

The activated Fiverr account has my old email address. - I would like this account have my current email address.

If you can figure out what I just explained hats off to you!

Please help. Thank you!

Remove your old email address
Add a new email address

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It’s not condescending if the person who’s trying to help you doesn’t know any better (for all we know, they might’ve genuinely tried helping you out).

If you really wanna only use your current email address (and are reluctant to use a newly created email address), I think your best bet would be to contact CS. It’d probably be a good idea (imo) to leave out the fact that you “accidentally” had 2 active Fiverr accounts at some point in the recent past. Cuz even if someone has multiple accounts, it is only a matter of time before Fiverr gets to know of it.

Good luck! :sunny:


You can’t use an email address which has already been used in Fiverr - that’s what’s causing your problem.

Use a different (unused) email address and follow the excellent advice from @emrlanka and it should work.


Thank you very much!

Thank you very much, merciavideo!

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I can not help you, sorry. I pray for you.