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Old Email has expired associated with my Facebook account I could not switch email

I have revenues but I cant take them because my GMAIL account is not associated to my fiverr. its using an OLD EMAIL that has expired with my old domain… Now Im stuck… please answer all my customer support inquiries as I have been sending hundreds of customer support request but received no response from you on my GMAIL…

If you have sent hundreds, you may be really stuck now. You should always open one single ticket and wait. Hundreds is beyond spam and eventually they may block you if they haven’t yet.

Since you’ve already done it, I would suggest waiting at least 2 weeks. Then open a new single ticket, apologize for the spam, explain your problem and wait. Check your junk mail folder too and check back on the CS help page to see if a response is there. if you don’t hear back in a week, get on the CS Twitter feed, tell them the ticket number and politely ask for help. Don’t keep re-posting there either. Good luck.

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