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Old gig link after editing! Help me

Hi everyone, I need help regarding clearing old gig link.

I have create a gig about an year ago after that I have edit that so many times now recently I edit it again and even change all the data/change all the services which that old gig offers. But the prob is the new edited gig have still that 1 year old link adress.

Is this normal or it create a prob? I think cuz of the old link adress it will even not show after Searching the new tags!

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URL of the gig will be the same after you edit your gig. I believe it’s to prevent abuse (like getting reviews for one thing, and then changing the gig to a completely different service and pretending that that’s what you got reviews for).


Hmmm, If it’s good then No problem. But I think if the URL will remain old than may it will not appear in main page if some one search about the services!

URL is not the only factor, there’s the actual title, keywords, tags… Or you could just create a brand new gig for that service, if URL is that important to you.


All right…Don’t be angry :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:
I don’t know that old URL will create a problem or not that’s why I ask :innocent:


I’m not angry, I’m just saying that you’ll need to create a new gig if you want a new URL.

Hahaha ok dear, thank you so much!

Can you suggest me what to do?
Make a new gig or not?

Don’t call people you don’t know “dear” or any other term indicating that you’re close even though you’re total strangers to each other. Some might find it offensive, or condescending, or just plain creepy.

As for the gig, I’d create a new one, because mismatching URL and gig title might lead buyers to believe that you’re trying to deceive them.


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Come on… Pray to god all will be fine